Good Friday

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On this day the tabernacle of our church is empty. At the end of last evening’s Mass of the Lord’s Supper we carried hosts consecrated at Mass to our altar of repose where they will remain until they are distributed for communion later today during the Good Friday liturgy.

Digital Camera

Our altar of repose is in our chapter room. We spend time praying here.

We are entering our fourth week of confinement, so our celebration of these liturgies of the Triduum take on a special significance because we are aware that so many Catholics are unable to attend any public gathering at this time. Usually we have a number of guests — especially on Good Friday for the Veneration of the Cross. However, this year we are alone — only the monastic community is here to celebrate. Yet we are aware that our worship reaches out through the whole world. May our hearts join with yours as we pray for health, consolation and the new life of our Risen Lord.

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