Late Advent Weekdays

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During these final days of Advent we chant the “O” antiphons at Vespers, one each day. You can find standard English translation here and Latin chant here.

Here is today’s antiphon with a medieval translation:

O Sapiencia que ex ore altissimi prodisti Attingens a fine usque ad finem fortiter Suauiter disponensque omnia Veni ad docendum nos viam Prudencie.

O Sapientia of the Father, surmounting all thing,
Proceeding from his mouth his behests to fulfill,
Alpha and O, both end and beginning,
From end to end dost attain and till, [extend and reach]
Disposing each work sweetly at his will,
We thee beseech, Lord, with humble reverence,
Come thou and teach us the ways of prudence.




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